GARTH BROOKS lyrics - The Night I Called The Old Man Out

"The Night I Called The Old Man Out"

The dining room fell silent, I can't believe what I just said...
I just told my dad he's full of it, and I watched his face turn red;
Now I should've said I'm sorry, but I matched him shout for shout
And I can still hear that screen door slammin' the night I called him out.

He said "son, it's gonna hurt me, more than it hurts you."
But somehow I couldn't help but have my doubts...
'Cause I'd seen my older brothers crawl back in the house
Each time they called the old man out.

Fist to fist, and eye to eye
Standin' toe to toe
He would've let me walk away, but I just would not let it go...
Years of my frustrations, had led me to this night
Now he'll pay for all the times that he's been right.


Well it was over in a minute, and that's when I realized
The blood came from my mouth and nose,
But the tears came from his eyes...
And in memory of that fateful night, I know the greatest pain was his,
And I just pray someday I'm half the man he is.


Just like my older brothers, I crawled back in the house.
The night I called the old man out