"I Love You Love Me Love" lyrics - GARY GLITTER

"I Love You Love Me Love"

We're still together after all that we've been through
They tried to tell you I was not the boy for you
They didn't like my hair
The clothes I love to wear
They didn't realise that I was strong enough for two
I love you love
You love me too love

I love you love me love;
I love you love
My only true love
I love you love me love.

The things they said about the two of us were lies
I knew they couldn't see the love light in your eyes
They said I wouldn't dare
To show how much I care
They didn't know that we were just two angels in disguise

I love you love...

So here we are alone
We made it on our own
And though they tried
They can't deny
The way we really showed them

I love you love...