"First One" lyrics - GEORGE JONES

"First One"

You're the first one that I've ever loved this way
And the only one to ever hear me say
Take my heart and all that's in it
It will beat for you each minute
You're the first, and I'll stick by you come what may

There are those I know who like to run around
But believe me I would never let you down
I could never get the notion
To put ideas like that in motion
You're my heart's life and the only girl in town

I don't have a little book that's full of names
I don't live my life to play such foolish games
You're my pride and my possession
While all other loves keep guessing
You're the first one, and that's why I'll never change

You're the first that's ever made me feel like this
Yes the first to ever thrill me with a kiss
When those pretty eyes are gleaming
Makes me wonder if I'm dreaming
You're the first one, and the last one I'll forget