"Mama's Hands" lyrics - GEORGE JONES

"Mama's Hands"
(Frank Dycus / Larry Kingston)

My daddy's hands held Three's and Two's while mom's were holding me
And daddy's hands lost everything to a hand of Kings and Three's
And daddy's hands they shook so bad that he turned to wine
But mama's hands were strong and calm as they held on to mine

Yes mama's hands held on to mine to guide me day and night
And it took the scheme of mama's hands to teach me wrong from right
When times were bad and money's slim she'd fold her hands in fray
Ands somehow she would make the food hold out another day

Now mama's hands they tremble when she prays
But her voice is strong as she thanks God for the bygone days
She looks at me and then she smiles she knows I understand
That everything I am today I owe to mama's hands
Everything I am today I owe to mama's hands