"Rest In Peace" lyrics - GEORGE JONES

"Rest In Peace"

Old heart it's finally over
It ended with the dawn
Last night she packed her things to go
This morning she was gone.

It's ashame you had to lose her
'Cause you loved and held her dear
But she can't break you anymore
'Cause she'll never find you here.

See the roses all around you
They'll bloom here every spring
And you always did love bluebirds
Oh, just listen to them sing.

And you know I won't forget you
I'll come by from time to time
And on this tiny stone I'll write
Here lies a friend of mine.

Now all your friends have gathered here
The music played for to long
After all she's put you through
I'll bet you're glad to go.

Why, just last night I felt you break in pieces
While she had me on my knees
Now old heart you can finally rest in peace
Now old heart you can finally rest in peace...