"Second Handed Flowers" lyrics - GEORGE JONES

"Second Handed Flowers"

I was working in Miami for a day or two
I decided I'd look up a girl that I once knew
I bought some flowers and went to see a girl I used to know
The lady at her door said she had married long ago

Times will change and towns will change there I was alone
And suddenly I wondered would Susie be at home
So with some flowers in my hand I walked toward her gate
Someone touched me on the arm and said you'll have to wait

Then I noticed there were people standing in the line
Some of them were holding pretty flowers just like mine
They explained that Susie had been in an awful crash
The doctors said that she had just a little while to last

When I walked into her room I felt the sense of shame
But I heard Susie whisper I'm awfully glad you came
She had been the girl that I had always gone to see
When someone that I cared for had been untrue to me

I handed her the flowers and she gently kissed my hand
She said don't be embarrassed for you know I understand
I said goodbye and as I bent to kiss her fevered brow
I heard her whisper thank you for the second handed flower