"That's Good, That's Bad" lyrics - GEORGE JONES

"That's Good, That's Bad"
(Ervin Drake / Jimmy Shirl)

Yes, I'd still love you (that's good)
But I've got doubts about us (that's bad)
Still I don't know if it's in me to leave you (ah honey that's good)
It would be the worst break my heart ever had

We still have something (and it's good)
Though I feel we'd slipping (ah that's bad)
But I'll try like to devil to save it (ah that's good)
I'd sure miss that ol' feeling we had

We thought of this love to last
We're falling apart and that's sad
We've got to get it back together we're losing our love
That's good that's bad

We could go to the bedroom (that's good)
It's been too long since we've been there (honey that's bad)
We might break down this wall that's between us
And bring back the good love we had

We thought of this love to last