"Restless" lyrics - GILLAN


Jimmy Jimmy in your red brick city
Take a look around you
Jimmy Jimmy ain't you got no pity
That ain't the way I found you

Just when things get settled down
And the road is wide and endless
That's when I start looking around
And I start to feel so restless

Jimmy Jimmy with a bag ful o' money
Why don't you please remember
Jimmy Jimmy now your life's so sunny
How was it last December

When you hid your pain and you smiled in the rain
And to give up was just senseless
But when the kids in the street saw you draggin' your feet
Then we started to get restless
When we helped one another and you were my brother
Then you really were the greatest
And now you're making hay but you look the other way
Hey Jimmy I'm getting restless

Jimmy Jimmy feeling good feeling pretty
Take a look around you
Jimmy Jimmy come on back to the city
Back to where I found you