GLEN CAMPBELL lyrics - About The Ocean

"About The Ocean"

It's goin' t' take me such a long time to write this
Like you said, it's so hard
To write about the ocean
Well, this is about the ocean
About you.

There are so many words you never heard me say
So many songs you never heard me sing
I hope you'll hear them all one day
But castles are just for dreamin' for me any way
For keepin' demons away.

See through my eyes for just one time
There's more to this feeling than can be forgotten
'Cause you've been my friend
Have you been my friend
And I never thought I could be so unhappy
Bein' with you I thought that all was fine
So I stood across the line.

And never supposing you'd ever want to harm me
Just a few simple words to say you're sorry
But you know the time is such a passer by
And I hope that what I'm feeling now
Won't be the same as when we started out...