GLEN CAMPBELL lyrics - Ghost On The Canvas

"Ghost On The Canvas"
feat. Paul Westerberg

I know a place between life and death for you and me
Let's take hold on the threshold of eternity
And see the ghost on the canvas
People don't see us ghost on the canvas
People don't know when they're looking at souls

In between here and there there's a place that we can grow
Spirits make love in a wheat field with crows
Like a ghost on a canvas people don't see them
Ghost on a canvas no oh oh oh
They never see souls

Ring around the rosary pocketful of prosary
Ashes to ashes we all fall in love
With ghost on the canvas


We dream in colour others they colour their dreams
Takes one to know one a Spirit always knows when it's seen
Like a ghost on a canvas never can happen
Ghost on a canvas
It's the so oh oh ul that makes them goohhhhhh
People don't know ohh ohhh ohhh
When they're looking in so oh oh uls
Better take ho oooh ooh ld
I'm the ghost on the canvas