"Space Elevator" lyrics - GLEN PHILLIPS

"Space Elevator"
(John Askew / Glen Phillips)

Take me up to the top
And don't stop
You look down
Can't comprehend such a long drop
Twenty thousand miles
I'm not a liar
I tell you Steven Tyler's wishing
He could have a piece of
This ascending movable feast
Pay-dirt, payload, heave-ho
Pack your Halliburton and let's go

Space elevator

We've no need for escape velocity
We're free
With every mile higher we lose the weight of gravity
Climb the tether together
Heading for the counterweight
Up the carbon nano-tube
Spiderweb into space

You're gonna love it here
Get undressed in the mesosphere
Get so hot in the thermosphere
You know what's coming the exosphere

Space elevator

Don't look down, don't look down, don't look