"All The Tears" lyrics - GOJIRA

"All The Tears"
(Randy Blythe / Joe Duplantier / Mario Duplantier)

Are we left all alone?
Mother has no time, but she cares for me
And she cries all the tears
I am joining now the river flow

I am three days old
Now the time has come, you have to be a man
I don't want to destroy
The only chance I have to survive down here
The wind blows, I'm so scared
And the waves so big, I'm not prepared
I will have to be strong
But for now, I cry all the tears

Now enter the storm and feel electric sword
My entire life is about to burn
I am struggling, life is illusion
But I keep the dream of a better time

This secret knowledge I receive from where I am
So precious, the treasured icons
Extended to this point, forget the ones that hurt
They all want, they struggle, they fight and try to dry their tears

We're all left on our own
We are bound yet by each other's lives
Now I'm leaving this world
I will never forget river flow

The pains and traps of life
I put my scars away and love
I have to face the truth of living
I left my boat behind, I am not taking it
Where I go, I won't be crying, I die