"Blow Me Away You(niverse)" lyrics - GOJIRA

"Blow Me Away You(niverse)"
(Joe Duplantier / Gojira)

Reverse, blow me in that black hole down there
Return through perfect circle of my retina
No gravity

Watch out! Hang out! fuck off!
Beyond! Out yonder! Upside down

I bleed on you so ease my pain
Blow me away you
Smash up! wash away the blood from my body
I see this halo of dust all around
But my vision is clear
I know I don't have any forces left
To go the distance

La dame des fauves
I defy you, Artemis
Shoot me between the eyes
I want to face the day of reckoning
Reunite, I want to embrace your light

Implode, explode, both at the same time
Destruction, let me disappear, fill my empty
Go to venus