"Locked In A Syndrom" lyrics - GOJIRA

"Locked In A Syndrom"

[Live?] ice to watch the world die
But my soul is alive
No one knows me
[?] freedom I'm so dying

Let me die!
Living no sense [?] Don't want a king] I'm reaching
Dream the skies of light
You die into my
Locked in a syndrom now I fall
Cold, but inside, face reality
Dream the skies of light
By the lights of dream...

And I fly deep inside
Traveling through time
All [?] is so loud to me
(And I fly)
All the fears and the fights
They were standing so close
And the silence is watching me
[?] conservation!

Don't remember, probably
Yet you sold my dreams of light!
[? ? ?] my secret time!

And I'm falling in the dream
Now I'm fading away...