"The Shooting Star" lyrics - GOJIRA

"The Shooting Star"

On the first light of the day, you march on
Departure has arrived, don't look back
Avoid the darkness, stay away, stay out of sight
Until you feel the blast of a shooting star

Following the spark like a rocket in the sky
Between the bear and the scorpion, getting close
Headed north, frozen land where tigers go to die
Don't fear the cold, it'll numb your memories out


You are higher in the sky

Learn the skill to stay alive, survival
The city is so mean, you're being watched
Reach the tunnel, light the torch, you're on the hunt
Until the light calls you back into the wild

When you get to the other side, please, send a sign
It'll fly through the atmosphere in time
And if you hold the truth within your hands
You won't be sent back, through the rain, reborn

Everlasting love is ever-growing
Hang on to what you have and let it grow
Everlasting love is ever-dying
It's in the past, you have to let it go