"SF Song" lyrics - GORDON DOWNIE

"SF Song"

I think it was
I think it was
I think it was

The click-click-clicking of the fingernail clippers
Or was it the sound of laughter outside?
Or the pad-pad-padding of the chambermaid's slippers
But I'm awake, I'm awake, "I'm awake and quite aware of checkout time"

Out and down past those stickers on that chambermaid's cart
Past the suits with wet hair at the breakfast buffet
Through the lobby where the World's Largest Lemonade Stand starts
Its off each day by shooting away a gun with a sign that says
"I'm saving up for a harmonica one day"

And past the girl in the wheelchair who says
"It's not mine, I'm just sitting in it for someone"
And just then there's a bus with a Marlboro ad
On the back that says, "Bob, I Miss My Lung"
Expect it says, "I Miss My Lung Bob"
It's 'cause I paraphrase so much
But I think it was, "I Miss My Lung Bob"
You know I think it was
I think it was
I think it was