"Any Open Window" lyrics - GOV'T MULE

"Any Open Window"

[Dedicated to Mitch Mitchell and Buddy Miles]

Everybody says you're lost
Too far from home
The more we try to pull you in
The further down the road you're gone but
You can always come back
You can always come on home
You remember what to do
Just rise on up and climb on through
Any open window

I don't know what happened baby
I don't really care
All that matters right now
Is the love we share
You've always been a friend of mine
And you're always gonna be
Whatever's got a hold on you now
I know that you can break free and climb on through
Any open window

I used to spend all my time
Trying to build a bridge back to you

You told me I could always come back
Now I'm telling you, you can always come back to me too
Just climb on through
Any open window

Climb on through, climb on through, climb on through