"Mr. Man" lyrics - GOV'T MULE

"Mr. Man"

How much more can we ignore the voices
How much longer can we keep our h eads in the sand
Can't you hear me - don't you even hear me
I'm screaming as loud as I can
Can't you hear me, Mr. Man

There's no concern for the people dying
There's more concern for keeping the upper hand
In their faces - we're laughing in their faces
And you still don't understand
Why they hate you, Mr. Man

You better get ready
I said ready
Time to get ready

Can you see that day when your world starts crumbling
Can yous ee that day when you meet your maker again
Will he be like you - do you think he's really like you
You can bet your soul depends
On that, Mr. Man

It's time to get ready
I said ready
You better get ready