"Painted Silver Light" lyrics - GOV'T MULE

"Painted Silver Light"

In the painted silver light
I watched you gently move
Now, in the cold early dawn
I long to have that vision in my head again
Conjure, as I may, my guilt won't let me sleep
Now I know what it means
To have and to hold
To let go and to lose

In the screaming silence
I try to lose myself
But there is no hiding place
No hiding place

Here they come again
Those voices, they'll be with me till the end
Maybe it helps the pain
How would I know?
I never slow down long enough
But, ain't life funny
I don't know if I will ever see you again
But, in the painted silver light
I watched you
And I'll keep on watching you

[Chorus 2x]

Seven days I watched the sun come rising
No sleep for the wicked
Seven nights I lie awake
While my mind drifted across valley and streams
Shadows everywhere
Still I search for some kind of sign
But, in the painted silver light
I'll come running

[Chorus 2x]