"Tear Me Down" lyrics - GOV'T MULE

"Tear Me Down"

You sit there staring
With your little girl smile
You got it all figured out
So many others
You thought they were like me
You don't know

In this world of fear and desperation
You seem to have it all in your hands
So used to holding things - holding things
But no one ever made you understand

So come on and tear me down
Tear me down
Take anything you need - anything
Tear me down
Tear me down
I know what you want
So come on and tear me down

So many people headed the wrong way
Me, I've been - and I'm going again
Windsurfing on a fast train
Chances are none and slim

You think you're the only one
In the whole world
That ever danced upon the razor's edge
I don't need to pour more fuel on the fire
But if that's what you want come on