"Problem Child" lyrics - GRAHAM PARKER & THE RUMOUR

"Problem Child"

How fast does the time go?
How high does the wind blow?
You don't know do ya ain't paid attention
You can't think, can ya, increase the tension
And you're running out to hide, 'cause you

A problem child, you ain't got any sense
A problem child, you can't find no defence
'Cause even though your heart is full of problems
Nobody sees them, no-one sees them baby but you and me

Ooh yeah baby but you and me

How much does your life mean?
How dumb do the birds seem?
Flying round, aimlessly in circles,
Just like you, playing with your sad curls
And tears rollin down your face, 'cause you


Everything you try to do gets in somebody's way
Like a part that just don't work you're useless so they say
Everything you wear don't fit your dreams are made of grey
Stay with them and hope they'll turn to something someday
Don't get wild they've only got you filed down as
A problem child,