"Jesus & Elvis" lyrics - GREG BROWN

"Jesus & Elvis"

Jesus had some water, said "Wine'd be better yet".
Elvis picked up a guitar and made all women wet.

Elvis he died young - Jesus he died younger.
Elvis died of too much - Jesus died of hunger.

Jesus sang down through the ages: "Do like you'd have'em
do you".
Elvis rocked the universe with be-bop-a-lu-la -

Now here they are on black velvet, in a parking lot in
Missouri -
Rocking my soul with rock'n'roll, soulful harmony.

Jesus went back to heaven to be the King of Kings,
But I hear the King of Rock'n'Roll is still restlessly

Go on home to Jesus, El - he's waiting there you'll find.
You two can jam on old gospel songs - them are the best