"Expectation" lyrics - GUSTER

(Guster / Ryan Miller)

I'm alive or that's the expectation
Oh no, feels like I'm guided by the light

Who can say, who's cracked the combination
Oh no, I feel myself fading towards the fire

[Chorus 1:]
There are no arguments in heaven
No more uneasiness that lingers
Just people hanging round forever
My, my

I've flown away, despite the elevation
Oh no, it feels like I'm gliding towards the light

There are no arguments in heaven
No marble men with trigger fingers
Just people hanging on forever

Float away and trace the constellations
And it feels like I'm falling towards the sky

I'm not afraid, defy the expectations
Oh no, seems like I'm flooded by the light

[Chorus 2:]
The gates are guarded up in heaven
By two archangels and a tiger
My father's standing at the station

Feels like I'm walking towards the light