"Messiah Complex II: A Glutton For Punishment" lyrics - HAKEN

"Messiah Complex II: A Glutton For Punishment"

Greed and guile color my life with aurus rose
Temper my yearning

[Bridge 1:]
Abdicate the throne, majesty
Gold topples the crown
Blood festers the ground

Hell on Earth, my blessing and my curse
How did I fail my holy grail? Taper my hunger

(With your compound eyes)
Parasites leeched upon the guilt
(And a call to arms)
Paradise led me down a path to the core

[Bridge 2:]
Fail - try - fall - rise
Scars run deep, tormenting me with her reptilian glare
How is she forsaking me, when my devil may care?

(With your compound eyes)
Parasites echo through the walls
(And a call to arms)
Paradise, breathe me in, I'm dead to the world