"Won't It Be Nice" lyrics - HANK WILLIAMS, JR.

"Won't It Be Nice"

Won't it be nice to see you again?
Seems I've been gone since I don't know when.
I've had lonely nights and bottles for friends.
And it'll be nice to see you again.

Babe, I've been down since you've been gone.
It's hard to love over a phone.
But it won't be long now, 'till I hold you tight.
'Cause I'm coming home. I'll be there tonight.

No, I don't always get standing ovations.
I don't always knock the ball over the fence.
My life is not always a perfect situation.
And it'll be so nice just to see you again.

I used to hate to go home.
It's a bad feeling to be alone.
There's been some changes since way back then.
It'll be so nice to see you again.