"It Is True" lyrics - HAVOK

"It Is True"
(David Sanchez)

Have you ever gotten suspicious
Of the things they try to sell you?
You better wise up
To the bullshit that they tell you
I can't believe we live in a world
Where ignorance is bliss and thoughts are controlled
Have you ever heard of using common sense?
In this crazy world it's our only defense
To stop all the lies
To stop all the hate
To stop, stop, stop theological debate
The world could be a better place in the end
If we all could just admit...
It is true
They lie to you
Do you even posses a single thought of your own?
Or do you believe everything you're told?
How can you sleep with this in your mind?
Your lack of logic ought to be a crime
If I had the chance I'd say it your face
Start thinking for yourself or leave the human race
There is no time for making the mistake
Of letting them get away with preaching and teaching what is fake
[Solo - Scruggs]
How many people need to die
Before you wake up and give your fucking brain a try?
Life is too short to waste time on things
That don't make sense to you or me
It's obvious and you can see, it's right in front of you
It is true
They lie to you
There's no truth
There's no truth
There's no truth