"Implore The Darken Sky (Classic Version)" lyrics - HEAVEN SHALL BURN

"Implore The Darken Sky (Classic Version)"

You've taken all I've given here's no haven anymore, prepare myself for falling
I'm drowning, there is no hand to reach for me
So starving, no noble mind will feed me, will anoint my aching wounds
Now I'm on my knees, petitioning your false deity
Crying and begging, no answer will be given
Broken down before a false divinity
Then I saw the lies, I know the truth at last
I won't implore this darken sky
Never awaiting a cure, won't listen to your melodies, this lie will not be lived
It's all in me, all I'll ever need, I'll rise again, no more
Abandonment stronger than ever before, stronger than you'll ever be