"Baby Vampire Made Me" lyrics - HELIUM

"Baby Vampire Made Me"

It doesn't matter if it's wrong or if it's right
You won't remember after I bite

You've got blood, baby friend of mine
You've got blood and it tastes like lye

I've got a baby vampire in me
Nobody knows, nobody knows
I saw you put it in me like a seed
That was as big as a stone

And all I can do is watch it grow
And it comes and it goes
It comes and it grows
And it's turning me into someone I don't know

You've got a skull, baby, you've got a spine
After I'm done with you, I'll spit them out like rinds

I got a baby vampire in me
It just might eat me before it eats you
I saw you put it in me like a seed
Then it grew

It feels funny but I want you to see
What's good for you isn't always good for me
And I'm gonna kill it, or hide underground
It's after me like a hound

Baby, baby, so beautiful

Little baby, I feel clean
There's still life after the machine

Little baby, I feel fresh
You don't live life if you're living death