"Gettin' To The Good Part" lyrics - HERBIE HANCOCK

"Gettin' To The Good Part"
(Herbie Hancock / Rod Temperton)

We're at the ending of another day
No more working hours
Inhibitions start to slip away
Feel those moonlight powers
We'll find a nice place to dine
Get out the candlelight
A little music and wine
We're gonna do just fine

Got to ease into the dance
And give love's groove a chance
'Cause in a moment all the magic's gonna start
We're gettin' to the good part

It's time to really let your hair hang down
Got to set your soul loose
Just relax into the evening sound
Feel the music take you
There ain't not problems tonight
Just put your trust in me
We're gonna make it alright
Oh baby can't you see

Tonite, there's a message written up in the stars
It's time for us to open our hearts
Reach out-got to let our feelings take us up high
No doubt, we got the power to fly

So baby move your body close to mine
Feel that warm sensation
Let me take the worry from your mind
Give in to temptation
Forget the clock on the wall
Let's turn the lights down low
We're gonna have us a ball
If we just take it slow