"The Sunless Years" lyrics - HIGH ON FIRE

"The Sunless Years"

He's been taking the acid
And hooked into the light
Pondering radio fillings
And arcane satellites
Vampires take what they want of him
Visions to the nine
Keen, clean and wasting what may have been
Some people say something
Some people feel something
Black holes and time travel stratospheres
Visitors watching our binds
Wake up, there's gonna be hell to pay
Someone please tell them
This is our fucking lives
Chemtrails inhaled by infants
Overpopulate time
Killers made this political
Pleiadieans hint at our minds
He shows insecure confidence
He's out of his mind
Sitting in black meditation
Someone please answer him
Someone please answer
He's been taking the acid
He's been taking the acid
He's been taking the acid
And arcane satellites