"Down, Down, Down" lyrics - HOUSE OF LORDS

"Down, Down, Down"

Storm in the sky, tears in my eyes
Thunder on the radio
Danger in the night, moon burnin' high
Something's getting ready to blow
You're so young, just a child baby
I know he's been hurting you
Got a gun, goin' wild baby
I'll do what I have to do
(I swear by all that's sacred...)

He goin'
Down, down, down
Ain't gonn never give up, never give up
Until he's
Down, down, down
In the name of love

Cold summer sweat
Fire in my head
Lord, I'm goin' over the edge
Ooh, I'll do my time inside
But he'll do his time in hell

It's alright it's like heaven
To finally end the pain
What we had is forever
No, they can't take that away
(I sear by all that's sacred...)


There's an angel watching over me tonight
Baby this I know
And if there's any justice in the world
Heaven will save my soul

You're so young, just a child baby
I know how you bleed...

It's gonna be over tonight
He's goin' down, down, down...