"Big Bug" lyrics - HUGH CORNWELL

"Big Bug"

Black... Black track... Black track steel grey train
Along the big vein across the big leaf
Cold... cold steel larva...
It's edges warm edges its way across the big leaf
Air... Aircraft engines menace
The black track steel train
Says hello to many brothers
Digging holes to save the others
On the big red leaf Big bug!
On the big red leaf Big bug!
Big! Bug!
Black leather badge shouldered hoot tooting duty boys
In the right place at the right time
Saved the nibbler stayed in the line
Its bristles with arms and legs didn't sleep at night
Derailed all failed [2x]
And rattled the bug on it's vein [2x]
Around the world five times [5x]
A victim of crimes [4x]
And the white cabbages all took a dive
And the big red leaf was still alive
And after two years
The big bug curled
And rested after eating it's world
And out popped [7x]
A fly