"Road Hog" lyrics - HUMBLE PIE

"Road Hog"

You see, what I'm trying to say
I've been going through a bad spell
I got to keep on travelling, hell I know well
I got to make my bed in a hard shell Lord
You know it keeps my back from crackin'
And my fields, I got to keep them burning
Anytime I hear a bell peal
I keep on running down the road

I've been having bad dreams
Well maybe tomorrow when I'm hungry baby
I'd beg for you, what'd I say steal and borrow
Would you help me
Really help me, really help me
To run down the road
Would you be with me

I'm gonna tell you just one more time
I must have said something wrong
Hey, there's only two eggs in my sandwich
And if I had wings girl, I'd fly to Where the sand is silver
Not dirty yellow, but silver
And I'll just sit there with you
Just sit there with you
That's what I'll do
See I'm sick and tired of hotels, hard beds