"Silver Tongue" lyrics - HUMBLE PIE

"Silver Tongue"

You look to me like you know what you see
Every step that you take coming closer
Yes I can see underneath your I.D.
You're a woman, oh you're a woman.

On your hands are the rings that a bond of love brings
And your eyes tell a story of sorrow
Yes I have the love of an elf and a dove
And a woman, and a woman.

Love sings like a nightingale lantern show
I love you
Your light is in me, me.

If you held the key, would you share it with me?
And take me to where you belong?
Like a fly to a light, I'd be there every night
With my woman.

Feel a kiss from your soul here inside of me
I love you
Please say you want me, me
Please say you want me, me
Oh yeah, oh yeah
My woman yeah, oh be my woman.