"Home" lyrics - IAIN MATTHEWS


Just another morning as the day flew by
I thought I saw tomorrow, thought I heard it cry
Guess I'm just reflecting off this cloudy sky
And it's time that I went home.

Everybody tellin' me I'm almost done
Think I'm runnin' dry, then there's another one
Still I can't turn backwards, now I'm on the run
And it's time that I went home.

It's a reasonable slip to forget yourself at all
Only to find your face against the wall.

Rushing, I'm not rushing, I know where to go
Look about an hustle with the steady flow
Maybe that's the reason I'm a one man show
And it's time that I went home.

Brothers, I've got brothers, maybe three or four
And I could be there with them, it's a brothers war
But I'm the one who left and said he wanted more
And I wish I'd gone back home.