ICED EARTH lyrics - Valley Forge

"Valley Forge"

Close your eyes and imagine
The soldier, at Valley Forge
The suffering that he endured was real
Starvation, total war
Yet in his eyes, the iron will to win
And for the 'cause he won't relent

Would he look upon us now in anger and disgust?
His providence, our birthright and our creed
Will we let ignorance and laziness bring our demise?
Complacency, we're blinded by our greed

Standing barefoot, frozen bloody hands
His musket clutched in iron grip
But for the 'cause he has but one regret
He's only got one life to give


It's time for us to open up our eyes
And cherish the lives we all can have
And to the ones who kept our freedom free
Words can't express all that you've done