"They Do, They Don't" lyrics - JACK JOHNSON

"They Do, They Don't"

Tied down against the tracks
Screaming in silent, black and white
Why'd you trust us? We are such villains

We would tell ourselves anything
We want to hear, if we are willing

To listen is to learn
Then too much is what we deserve

And how come when we say that we do
We don't
Pray to anybody you want
We won't

But if we're the ones to blame then the fruit
Shouldn't taste so good, we were used
Used to thinking we got nothing to lose
We're losing everything but the truth
Walking straight into a roadblock
Ending left, here bending
Your point of view was chosen by the serpent's ruse

With all its do's and don'ts
The future is an empty promise
Unconcerned and so tired of waiting

We could sell it wooden horses
Full of nightmares and when they open
This all might recompose
There's no going back to the good old days
It's just a phase bring in some new life
Archaism is a dusty road leading us back to nowhere