"Hypocritical Kiss" lyrics - JACK WHITE

"Hypocritical Kiss"

My temper got the best of me
And when I say that I mean
I know every single thing that I said was true

And I know that you're mad at me
But if you're thinking like that
I think you'll see that you're mad at you too

And I know the feeling's strong
Strong enough to forget about all that I've been through
And it sounds obscene but
Loud words never bother me like they do to you

You're the boy that talks but says nothing
A big game to the ones that you think'll believe you, yeah
But you don't know how to read
The look on my face when it says, "Yeah, I've read that book too."

And who the hell's impressed by you?
I want names of the people that we know that are falling for this
You would sell your own mother out
And then betray your dead brother with another hypocritical kiss

Oh yeah