"A Song For Barcelona" lyrics - JACKSON BROWNE

"A Song For Barcelona"

I think I must have lost my way a long, long time ago
Somewhere in the distance between love and business
I don't know
I didn't have that far to go to find my pleasure though
Lovers like islands in an archipelago
Set in a sea of time, love is a place you find
Where when two people rhyme they begin to grow
Learning the other ninety-nine words for snow

This is a song for Barcelona, city of gravity and light
City that gave me back my fire, and restored my appetite

I hear the sounds of youth up all night in the plaza
Under the sleepless eyes of the grandmothers
On the terrassa
In the streets of Gracia, and on the Ramblas
I see the searching eyes and youthful bodies pass
And my own vanished youth becomes my central truth
Though I no longer care, the truth is everywhere
That soon the world I love will no longer be anywhere

This is a song for Barcelona, city of Gaudi and Jujol
City that ignited my desire, and temporarily, my soul

They come from Ireland, they come from Africa
They come from the US, they come from Canada
They come from Norway, they come from China
They come from Uruguay, and from Bulgaria
They come for pleasure, they come for freedom
For the chance encounter - or the revelation
They come for business, or for adventure
And fall in love with the information
About the world, and about each other
They dream, and when they wake up
They're not in Spain anymore

This is a song for Barcelona, for architecture and futbol
And for the streets that gave me refuge
In my escape from rock and roll


Una canco per Barcelona, per respecte I futur
Per justicia I la terra -? ara som sis milions I un

Via Laietana, Gran Via
Urquinaona, Tarragona, El Paral.lel
Torrent de l'Olla, Carrer de l'Or, o Encarnacio
Placa del Sol, Placa del Tripi, Passeig del Born
Sant Pere Mes Alt, Sant Pere'mes?Baix
Carrer Robadors, Carrer Escudellers
Carrer del Mar, Carrer Verdi
Pintor Fortuny, Mercat dels Encants
Portal de l'Angel