"Tell Her" lyrics - JAMES HUNTER

"Tell Her"

Lady Luck
Ain't always home
Sometimes you got to make your own
'Cause it's true
It's up to you just how you fare

Take your chances
When you can
'Cause your fortune is always in your hand
And you know
A faint heart will get you nowhere

Lay your cards downtell her that you love her
Don't wait around tell her that you love her
Be in no doubt she's got to find out sometime
No sense denyintell her that you love her
No harm in tryintell her that you love her
You didn't choose her just to lose her to the next in line

You need to know just where you stand
Ace in the hole or a losing hand
No time to wait for what fate has planned for you

Don't be afraid
She'll turn you down
Just take the time to look around
And you'll soon discover that there's other pebbles on the shore

You never know till you take a shot
You can only play the cards you got
You'll be no more brokenhearted that you were before you started
I know