"I Was Only Telling A Lie" lyrics - JAMES TAYLOR

"I Was Only Telling A Lie"

Got the one room suite in the downtown motel, got a lovely view.
Classic shot of the parking lot, an off ramp of route 72.
Half flat six pack of lukewarm beer, so lay down by my side.
Like to whisper sweet nothings in my filthy ear till I'm satisfied.

Baby-bootie, juicy-fruity, truck-stop cutie, roadside-beauty,
I'm in love with you. Hope it don't last too long.

You got the mackerel eyes, brought the side of fries.
You got me hypnotized, I'm in love again.
Now baby when I told you that I love you, I was only telling a lie.
I'll be long gone come the crack of dawn and I believe the word is
good-bye, bye baby, bye, bye.

I was only telling a lie, there ain't no need to act like I shot your dog, no.
I was only telling a lie, lie, lie, lie, lie.