"Vestavia Hills" lyrics - JASON ISBELL

"Vestavia Hills"

You're working too hard or you're living too fast
Hands over your eyes with a foot on the gas
And the best I can tell, the crowd seems ashamed
It sounds like a warning when they call out your name

[Chorus 1:]
The boy genius is grown now, the competition got fierce
And you'd rather be anywhere other than here
But it can get so much worse, and I reckon it will
In Vestavia Hills

Last night was a long one, you made a lot of new friends
And your band was on fire right up 'til the end
You met a girl from the suburbs but you missed all the cues
I bet you don't remember me tying your shoes

[Chorus 2:]
The boy genius is grown now and you're an angry young man
Well, I won't be around when you die in the van
I got kids of my own, not much of a will
In Vestavia Hills

This run is my last one, I gotta get off the road
And gotta get my mind back in the family mode
And I wish you the best, son, I've seen worse do alright
You're at war with your heart and you're too weak to fight

[Chorus 3:]
The boy genius is grown now, your dreams all came true
And now you're left with nothing but damage to do
Well, I've got dreams of my own and my wife pays the bills
In Vestavia Hills

Vestavia Hills