"Little Glass Of Wine" lyrics - JESSE WINCHESTER

"Little Glass Of Wine"

Little glass of wine, a good thing you are here
You're warm on my lips, warm as a tear
A comfort to the fool who's restless in his mind
The lover's trusty potion, little glass of wine.

Little glass of wine, you're oil on my flame
Shy of the sunlight, hiding your shame
And many, many tears, the number is sublime
Shall stain a woman's bosom, a little glass of wine.

As soon as you learn that you don't live forever
You'll grow fond of the fruit of the vine
So here is to you and here is to me
And here is to the ones we've left behind, oh, yeah yeah yeah.

Little glass of wine sure makes the party gay
It will seal a lover's bargain, it will chase the blues away
So if you're feeling low and you want to rest your mind
Well, just run and fetch another little glass of wine
Yeah, just run and fetch another little glass of wine.