"Loves You Madly" lyrics - JOE HENRY

"Loves You Madly"

The ground wants you back
The ground wants you badly
The ground wants you still
Like some lover, so madly.
It pulls at your feet,
Gets into your nose,
Onto your bed
And under your clothes,
Loves you madly
So madly
Loves you madly

The sun wants you deep
The sun has a need
To take you in then
Spit you out like a seed.
The sun has a plan
You know nothing about,
In the dark when the light
Of your heart has gone out,
Loves you madly...

This floor has a lean
It gives to the side,
Where marbles and water
Roll and collide.
In the fashion of something
You think couldn't fall,
The floor tricks your step,
Throws you to the wall,
Loves you madly...

Oh, God loves a sinner
God loves a crook,
God loves you frail
And splayed out like a book.
God loves you bent
And weck at the knee,
When the lesser of you
Gets the better of me
Loves you madly...