"Parker's Mood" lyrics - JOE HENRY

"Parker's Mood"

Where's my sock?
Where's my other shoe?
I didn't know what time it was
When I came o.
The only light in here
Is fmy flickering TV
Watching back at me..
Oh, my love is here to stay

Saints alive
And all the saints be praised,
I see them all around me now
They've been called and raised;
Their jaws gone slack.
Their yellow nails long and curling back
To scratch the phantom of ache
Of our lost days...
Oh, my love is here to stay

I came home this morning
I was dead on my feet,
Drunk on the victory
Of my own defeat.
Now, I'm reeling on the ceiling
But what yard-bird law is this,
When a heart in chains is what remains
The prelude to a kiss?

God is in the details
Of the smoke in the air,
The devil, he's a pauper prince
Nesting in your hair.
The things we put together
The world will ear a part,
But I've beat them to the start
Alone the way..
Oh, my love is here to stay.