"Sticks & Stones" lyrics - JOE HENRY

"Sticks & Stones"

Tell the hour: go take another,
Or go down, Moses, without a fuss

Give in to the lawless water
And send a later boat for us
Sticks and stones, blood, ash, and bone,
I shake the tree, swim out alone:
Turning over the dark Missouri
Now that every new leaf I had is gone
The moon's near empty, a swinging saber,
Keeping every prayer at bay,
At the throat of love for ransom
From the dull approaching day;
There is no lord that rides this boarder,
No fences stretch this far to show
How times will side against another,
As one arrives and others go


Whores are dressed in fire and feathers
On the beach, sit in a row

Climb the banks through scrub and tender,
Disappear where rabbits go.
They had nothing that I needed
But I gave them all I had,
Just to share the dirt between them
As they waited, smoked and laughed