"The Good" lyrics - JOHN ANDERSON

"The Good"
(Bobby Braddock)

They chewed him out today, said he wasn't worth a damn
Sent him on his way with a pink slip in his hand
He went to his sweetheart feelin' real low
She said, "Listen baby, don't let it get you down
Those fools are all crazy 'cause you're the best around
And always remember, you're my hero"

So tonight they retire to love's sweet motion
He'd just got fired but you'd think he'd gotten a promotion
She sees the good in him, that's why she's so good for him

Most people say he's got no common sense
Some even say that he's a little dense
But she looks his way and she sees a prince
And I say good for him, she sees the good in him

Those hourglass dimensions, that face so cute and sweet
Always grabbed attention when she walked down the street
Now no one seems to notice as she walks by
Back at the apartment there's so much on her mind
She thinks the looks department closed down in '89
She looks in the mirror and starts to cry

'Cause she's no longer thin and no longer youthful
Then he walks in and says, "Hello beautiful"
He sees the good in her, that's why he's so good for her

She never will go back to seventeen
She never will be on a movie screen
But he thinks she's still the high school football queen
And I say good for her, he sees the good in her
I say good for them, look for the good in men