"Badge And Gun" lyrics - JOHN MAYER

"Badge And Gun"

Give me my badge and gun
Give me the road that I may run
Give me that peaceful, wandering free I used to know
I've waited all I can
But I'm just not a patient man
And I've been hiding here for seven months or so

Hand me down my golden hat
And grab the winter one at that
You never know how long I'll be away

Give me my badge and gun
Give me the songs that I once sung
Give me those jet-black, kick-back, lay down nights alone
This house is safe and warm
But I was made to chase the storm
Taking the whole world on with big old empty arms

Tell my friends I tried my best
That one day I just up and left
They probably saw it coming anyway
What can I say
Hey, hey

The lock is on the cellar door
I can't remember what it's for
I ain't been down those stairs in oh so long
So, so long


The copy of your key is hanging where it used to be
Good as you've always been to me
The life I need to lead
Is somewhere out there, calling over those hills