"Lookin' Back In Anger" lyrics - JOHNNY CASH

"Lookin' Back In Anger"
(Harlan Sanders / Glen Sherley)

A cold bitter mist covers your eyes torment is raging in you
But you can't change the smallest part of all the wrongs you've done
Looking back in anger like you do

I'm not preachin' I'm just talkin' but I believe in what I say
That look of anger that you keep flashin' won't accomplish you anything today
Reach out your hand someone will take it
Someone took mine then I saw a different view
I saw it'd take take a lot more loving
And a lot less looking back in anger like you do

You're still a victim of the pornographic past
The smutty face of evil showing through
But you can't take away the scars that you put on that face
Looking back in anger like you do

Now I ain't preachin'...