"(Narrative) My Wife June At Sea Of Galilee" lyrics - JOHNNY CASH

"(Narrative) My Wife June At Sea Of Galilee"

This is the 23rd of April no May, 23rd of May and John and I are
Sitting on the veranda of a hotel that is in Tiberias Israel
It is right on the Sea of Galilee
We can see to our left the place where they held the Sermon On The Mount
And across the lake is now the land of Israel
But up until eleven months ago was held by Syria
On down to the right further down the Jordan River joins the Sea if Galilee
And it's a beautiful day with the birds
You can hear the motor boats on the lake only one that I can see
And then a big pleasure boat that is coming across the other side
From the Sea of Galilee
The lake at this point I'd say is about eight miles wide and it's fourteen miles long

Hmm that's right June Israel is really again in its glory
This is a beautiful place
It's in much greater glory that she was in the days of King Herod
I'm proud to say for the Jews today King Herod gained the throne like a fox
Ruled like a lion and died like a dog